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Exodus Redux buffering

Trying to watch American gods first season and I am watch a 480 stream and I have to pause to let it buffer. Why? I have good internet and my fire tv is

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Buffering no matter what I try

I’m having a problem where no matter what I try, I always have buffering as long as I’m using my VPN. I use Express VPN which slows down my internet speed dramatically. Especially

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Buffering issue

Hi guys!! I have a very bad buffering issue when I use Kodi, I can’t even watch SD quality smoothly. But in YouTube, I can watch video in 1080p easy. Can someone somehow

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Buffering issues?

I’m getting some buffering issues even when I’m just trying to watch a 1080p movie. My setup is as follows: Nvidia Shield (2015) 16GB version, Gaia (Reapers Full Setup), 50+ Mbps connection (testing

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Changing buffering limit

I was wondering is there is a setting in Kodi which allows a streaming movie or show from RD servers to be completely downloaded in the buffer. Right now, what I’ve noticed is

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Rd links buffering?

I’m getting alot of buffering in Rd. Nitroflare, rapidgator for example. I’m using a mibox on 5g wifi. I use the analiti wifi test and I’m getting 140mb downstream. Rd was always fine

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