How to Play the Illuvium Crypto Game: The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide on how to play the crypto game Illuvium, one of the most anticipated blockchain games announced so far. Specifically, we will go over:

  • An overview of the game
  • The main components and features of Illuvium crypto
  • An overview of ILV, Illuvium: Zero and other important parts of the game
  • How to play the crypto game Illuvium
  • How to make real money playing Illuvium

Illuvium is an interesting RPG game for winning, which includes blockchain and crypto elements to help you make decisions in the game. We'll show you everything you need to get started playing.

If you have any questions about Illuvium, please comment below and we'll help you.

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What is the Illuvium Crypto game?

Illuvium is a role-playing game (RPG) in which you can create 3D characters in an open frame. The game allows you to travel through the scary world of Illuvium to discover the mysteries of the planet.

Players can participate in missions, hunt and capture native creatures called Illuvials, and stake their digital assets in a decentralized, tax-free environment. Being a play-to-earn game, you can also win in-game rewards in Illuvium. The game has components from Pokemon, Zelda and other popular RPG games.

Illuvium game assets include thrills, objects, skins, and collectibles. They exist as NFT and are stored in your wallet. You can trade in-game NFTs, on the decentralized game exchange, IlluvDEX or on NFT markets such as OpenSea.

Illuvium is different from other blockchain games due to some interesting features:

  • its 3D open world
  • NFT with high production value
  • massive explorable landscape
  • Carefully crafted stories that reveal parts of the game as the game progresses
iluvial crypto game

Iluvium features

In addition to the style of play, there are some features to find when playing Illuvium that we love:

The Illuvium crypto game has generated a lot of hype with its gorgeous graphics and the promise of AAA gameplay.


As you explore the land of aliens, you will discover scary creatures called Illuvials. These creatures possess God-like elemental powers. You can capture or control Illuvials by storing them in snippets.

The characters take on the role of a hunter in an attempt to uncover the mysteries of this strange planet. Characters can also travel around the planet, unlocking obelisks that open up more challenging regions of the planet.

The Illuvium crypto game is one of the best alternative Pokemon games on the blockchain.

fights with illusions

Beasts and Creatures

Illuvium has over 100 beasts and creatures called Illuvials. They populate the planet, each with its own unique abilities, affinities, and classes.

The classes included in the game are:

Creatures include fire, air, water, earth, and nature.

When an Illuvial is captured, a new NFT will be beaten and stored in the wallet. These creatures can form symbiotic relationships based on affinities or common classes. Different relationships create different bonuses.

You can also merge two or more Illuvials to create a stronger shape.

illuvial example in illuvium

Staking ILV

ILV is the native symbol of the Illuvium ecosystem. You can bet $ ILV to earn rewards from the ecosystem. Betting $ ILV is easy and straightforward, but requires a compatible Ethereum-based wallet that contains ETH and ILV to pay for gas.

Follow these steps to bet your ILV to win more chips:

  1. Go to and click on "Connect your wallet. ”
  2. Select "MetaMask”From the list of available wallet options.
  3. Connect your MetaMask wallet and click "Stakethe button ".
  4. Choose Basic pools and then approve the transaction. Also, choose your favorite pool and click "Stake„.
  5. Choose between locked and flexible. Locked will increase the weight of the pool 2 times, while flexible has no multiplier rewards.
  6. Enter the amount of $ ILV you want to bet on and click "Stakethe button ".
  7. Review the transaction and the associated gas charges, and then click "Confirm”To complete the transaction.
  8. Choose your preferred method of claiming rewards. Please note that $ ILV rewards are available immediately and can be used in the game, while $ ILV rewards are subject to a 12-month group lock.

Congratulations! You have successfully bet on your ILV.

Iluvium: Zero

Illuvium: Zero is a mobile mini-game designed to interact directly with the main game. Once released in metavers, Illuvium: Zero is the basic game, which will be staged on a piece of land.

The land will exist in two forms – the free version and the paid version.

The free version will not produce resources that players can use to interact with the main game. The paid version will produce resources that players can use to interact with the main game. Although there are 100,000 plots of land in Illuvium: Zero, the first land sale will bid for 20,000 of these plots.

iluvium zero land application

Illvium Crypto release date

According to the official roadmap, Illuvium will release its public beta in the first quarter of 2022. The developers have also proposed to release a second major update later in 2022.

Until then, you can't play the Illuvium crypto game yet. However, you can register your interest using the instructions below.

Iluvium gameplay

Illuvium offers cryptography enthusiasts the first AAA-rated crypto gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain. In the game, you will take on the role of a transport ship from a space fleet. From a mysterious ruined planet, your character will investigate a lighthouse that is about to be covered by a vast crystal ocean.

An extreme weather event creates an explosion of radiation that disrupts the operation of the ship's engines, causing the ship to crash on the surface of the planet.

Your character is the sole survivor of the accident. You can traverse the frightening world of Illuvium to discover the mysteries of the planet. You can take part in missions, hunt and capture Illuvials and store them in Shards.

The combined powers of the Illuvials increase over time as they fight harder. You can use the assembled Illuvials to fight your enemies and also enter more dangerous areas to unlock more rewards.

Iluvium Coin (ILV)

ILV is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. You do not need ILV to play crypto Illuvium. However, you can purchase the symbol on SushiSwap. Other scholarships also offer ILV for sale, but are not officially accepted.

Sponsoring these exchanges means that you may overpay for chips.

ILV has 2 key functions:

Please note that all in-game purchases require ETH, not ILV. In addition, Illuvium has another symbol known as "sILV", which means synthetic ILV.

sILV is a synthetic version of ILV and can be used in the game for things like shard healing and travel. However, you may not use sILV for player-to-player transactions, such as buying or selling Illuvials. You can earn sILV by placing ILV in the liquidity fund. Interestingly, the value of sILV is related to that of ILV.

iliuvium ilv coin

X immutable and Iluvium

Thanks to the integration of Immutable X with Illuvium, users can enjoy a new era of NFTs. One of the disadvantages of NFT projects is the high cost of conducting transactions on the Ethereum network. This causes users to pay a lot of gas fees.

The integration of Immutable X with Illuvium has changed this whole narrative. Users can now trade NFT using a Zero-Knowledge package without paying gas fees.

Immutable X also offers a wide range of benefits, including:

immutable x

How to download and play Illuvium Crypto

Follow these steps to download and play Illuvium crypto:

First, go to the official website and click on purple Sign up button on the top right or center of the splashed image.

how to play iluvium 01

Enter your email address and then click Register.

how to play iluvium 2

You will be registered with Illuvium and will receive a confirmation email for your interest.

how to play iluvium 3

Illuvium has not been released yet, so there is no option to download the game. When the game launches, you'll need to catch an Illuvial to get things started.

How to make money playing Illuvium

Players can earn in-game rewards in $ ILV in the following ways:

Please note that you can trade your NFTs in the game market, in the decentralized game exchange, IlluvDEX or in NFT markets such as OpenSea for real money.

What is your favorite feature of Illuvium? Did you support the game as an early subscriber? Comment below and tell us what you think today!

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