How to Play the Decentraland Crypto Game: The Ultimate Guide

This is the ultimate guide on how to play the Decentraland crypto game, a key metavers and blockchain virtual world game. Specifically, we will go over:

Decentraland is an interesting virtual world game with blockchain and crypto elements. We'll show you everything you need to get started playing.

If you have any questions about Decentraland, please comment below and we will help you.

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What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a NFT play-to-earn game in which players can trade, buy and create digital land, real estate and NFT and exchange them for real world money. Decentraland is also a virtual world that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game has many digital terrains represented by NFTs. Landowners are free to create and display their creations on their land for all to see.

Players can purchase plots of land from the game market or NFT secondary markets, such as OpenSea, using MANA or other accepted chips. You can create even larger plots of land by combining adjacent plots into estates. The estates are ERC-721 NFT which contain the underlying plots of land.

The game has exploded in popularity in recent months due to its metavers features.

Decentraland features

There are a lot of different components in the Decentraland crypto game. Below are some of the key features we like.

Endless exploration

Like the real world, Decentraland offers endless scenery to explore. You can visit LAND owned by other users in metavers and explore the scenes and activities they have set up.

Examples of worlds set in the game include a space adventure, a village, and a maze of medieval dungeons.


The game's creator allows players to easily drag and drop meaningful versions. It works as an editor and allows you to build scenes that can be stored in Decentraland. You can place these scenes on your COUNTRY and you can even make money from them.


You can exchange many of the components of Decentraland with other players in the game. Buy and sell LAND, property, avatars, clothing and other digital goods on the Ethereum blockchain.

Agora Voting and SDK

This is a voting mechanism. Users with in-game MANA tokens are eligible to participate in the governance structure. In other words, MANA holders have the right to vote and to be voted in the governance structure of the game.


Avatars are visible images of players. You can make an avatar name before it is taken, using a Decentraland wallet and spending at least 100 MANA.

Gameplay Decentraland

Decentraland is a metaverse-based crypto game that allows the player to own certain parts of it. You can buy land and build things on it. Decentraland is a virtual world shared by players.

The game is designed to track real estate packages specified by LAND tokens. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum technology is used to track real estate and virtual property at stake. Players must provide MANA tokens before joining the Decentraland crypto metaverse.

The Decentraland Order is divided into three zones:

To watch some Decentraland crypto games, watch the video below.

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Decentraland game coins

The Decentraland crypto game has two game currencies:


LAND is a non-fungible token (NFT) ERC 721, which means that it cannot be duplicated or forged. You can buy LAND on the official Decentraland crypto market or on secondary NFT markets, such as OpenSea, using MANA.

After purchasing lots of LAND, you can build whatever you want on them. As with physical properties, the LAND value will increase as more players join the game.


MANA is the transactional currency of the game. It is an ERC20 token and can be used to buy digital collectibles in the online world, including lots of land and wearable items. As proof of your stake, you can bet MANA in various liquidity funds to get passive income.

You can also purchase MANA on decentralized exchanges such as Binance and Uniswap by converting from other currencies.

When you join and play the Decentraland crypto game, both LAND and MANA are key terms to learn and understand.

Decentraland Square

The Decentraland cryptocurrency market is the in-game store for buying and selling land and real estate. The marketplace allows you to list your Decentraland assets so that other players can buy from you in exchange for real-world money. The market also allows P2P activities among players who are struggling to change their agreements.

Decentraland Square has an Atlas view, which displays all the estates and LAND that are for sale. The Atlas view also shows who owns LAND that is not for sale. You can put a proposal on any LAND of your choice and the process is uninterrupted and simple.

decentralized market

Requirements to play Decentraland

Here are the things you need to keep in mind before you start playing Decentraland:

How to play Decentraland

Once you have the above requirements at hand, you are ready to start playing the Decentraland crypto game. Here are some general steps you need to take to play Decentraland:

  1. Create a MetaMask wallet
  2. Buy Ethereum and transfer it to MetaMask
  3. Create a Decentraland account and sync it with your MetaMask wallet
  4. Start playing!

If this sounds confusing, don't worry. We have step-by-step instructions below about how to play Decentraland.

How to create a MetaMask wallet

  1. Visit the official Metamask website at Both Chrome and Firefox are supported by MetaMask, so make sure you're using one of those browsers.
  2. Click on Unload the button in the upper right corner of the Metamask home page.
  3. Click on Install MetaMask for Chrome / Firefox.
  4. On the Metamask store registration page, click Add to chrome or Add to Firefox, depending on the browser you are using.
  5. Your browser will make sure that you want to install MetaMask in your browser. Read the disclaimer and then click Add extension.
  6. When MetaMask is finished installing in your browser, click MetaMask in the extension area to launch your wallet. You may need to restart your browser for MetaMask to appear here.

How to buy Ethereum and transfer it to MetaMask

  1. Connect to the main MetaMask dashboard and make sure the main Ethereum network is selected.
  2. Under the ETH section of the dashboard, place your cursor over the account address and click it to copy your address to the clipboard.
  3. Go to Binance (or Coinbase or another FTX cryptocurrency) and sign in if you haven't already. Click the Buy Crypto button.
  4. Enter an amount in the currency box and then change the Receive to ETH option. Then click Continue.
  5. Confirm your chosen payment source on the next screen, and then click Continue. If you don't have valid payment information, you'll need to upload it here and then click Continue a second time when you're done.
  6. Review the order details and then click Confirm to complete the transaction.
  7. From the top menu, go to Wallet> Fiat and Spot to see your crypto balances. Under ETH, where you should see your repository, click Withdraw.
  8. In the Address box, enter the address of the wallet that you copied from MetaMask. Set the amount that you want to send, and then click Withdraw.

How to create a Decentraland account

Open your browser and go to Once the site loads, click the left option for play using your wallet.

The main page of the decentraland crypto game

You will be asked to select your preferred wallet. Choose your MetaMask wallet and click Next to continue.

how to play decentraland 01

If you are an existing user, you will be asked to log in to your Decentraland account. For new users, go to to create an account using your wallet. Once you've successfully created an account, the next step is to sign in to your account to access your Genesis Plaza avatar.

In Genesis Plaza, you will customize your avatar. On the avatar selection screen, you can customize your avatar in a variety of ways, including collectibles, accessories, shoes, bottom, top, head, and body.

decentraland creates an avatar in genesis plaza

After personalizing the avatar, give it a name. Now you're ready to start playing Decentraland! Start exploring the land or the market.

How to make money playing Decentraland

There are several ways to make money playing Decentraland crypto:

Land investment

As in the real world, real estate is a viable investment in which you can get a decent return on your investment. Because the Earth is a limited resource, we always believe that its value will increase over time.

When you buy LAND, you can use it to host things like games, commercials, games of chance, or gaming communities. These apps will bring you real world money.

You can also rent or sell the LAND directly to content creators or developers who want to develop it for your own interests.

Real estate investments

Owning a property in Decentraland is another great way to earn money. An estate is the union of different plots of land. You can use your estates to build things like art galleries, casinos, and games where other players can interact.

All these activities will bring you good money from the real world.

Playing a variety of games

You can also earn money on Decentraland by playing a variety of games that are set up on different properties. For example, some estates have full-fledged casinos running on them. Others may have sports bets and other activities you can play for to win real money.

decentraland dragon rush game

What is your favorite feature of the Decentraland crypto game? If you need help getting started, be sure to comment below and let us know.

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