49 Trakt Playlists to Add Into Any Addon

Do you want to load custom playlists into any Kodi addon and have instant access to categories such as new HD movies, the Marvel Universe, top TV shows, best sci-fi, or anything else? Grab the best Trakt playlists below and load them into Kodi today!

Playlists in Kodi are curated lists specializing in a specific category of content. Some of the ones you may have seen include Most Popular, Trending Now, In Theatres, and others. These playlists are pulled from the TVDB website.

If you want a custom playlist, where do you go? Do you install Kodi addons until you find someone who has something you need? There is a much easier way!

Trakt is an amazing service for Kodi that keeps track of everything you watch and are interested in. All good Kodi addons and APKs are powered by Trakt, so you should get an account now if you don’t have one yet.

Another feature the Trakt service has is a massive general repository of movie and TV show playlists created by others. You can like these best Trakt playlists and have them show up in any of your favorite Kodi addon!


First, let’s have a look at how to get the best Trakt playlists loaded into Kodi.


How to Load Best Trakt Playlists Into Kodi

  1. The first thing you want to do is head to the Trakt website and log into your account. You can also do this on a Trakt app on your phone.
  2. Once you are logged into Trakt, you can click on any of the Trakt Playlists below to it directly on the Trakt website.
  3. Click the thumbs up icon on the playlist page to like this playlist. This will put this list into your account’s lists so that you receive all updates and sync with the list!
  4. If you navigate in your multi-source addon to My Movies -> Lists, you will see the Trakt playlist you liked above now showing up! As this list is updated, it will update for you in Kodi. 

Next, lets check out the list of some of the best Trakt playlists. Click on the ones that you like and follow the steps above to add them into Kodi today.


Best Trakt Playlists to Add Into Kodi

  1. Full list of Netflix shows and movies
  2. Latest HD movie releases
  3. Marvel Cinematic Universe
  4. DC Cinematic Universe
  5. 2019 Oscar Nominees and Winners
  6. DreamWorks feature films
  7. Pixar Feature Films
  8. Kids animated movies
  9. Reddit top 250 movies list (2018)
  10. 2018 Oscar nominees and winners
  11. Rotten Tomatoes Best of 2019
  12. Rotten Tomatoes best of 2018
  13. Disney releases
  14. IMDB highest rated TV series
  15. Lifetime TV network films
  16. Stephen King
  17. Horror Movies
  18. Movie Boxsets
  19. Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest TV Shows
  20. Star Wars Timeline
  21. Star Trek Timeline
  22. Live-Action Films (based on Manga, Manhwa, LNs and Anime)
  23. Live-Action TV-Shows (based on Manga, Manhwa and Anime)
  24. 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die
  25. TIME’s – All-TIME 100 Movies (1923-2005)
  26. Slant Magazine’s 100 Essential Films
  27. Fangoria’s 101 Best Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen
  28. Stand-up Comedy
  29. Wes Anderson & Alike
  30. Channel 4 Shows
  31. CBS Shows
  32. AMC Shows
  33. NBC Shows
  34. SyFy Shows
  35. TNT Shows
  36. Sky Shows
  37. USA Network Shows
  38. HBO Shows
  39. ABC Shows
  40. Cartoon Network Shows
  41. FOX Shows
  42. The CW Shows
  43. Amazon Shows
  44. Hulu Shows
  45. Comedy Central Shows
  46. Showtime Shows
  47. WWE Network Shows
  48. Documentaries List
  49. Kids Cartoons


Do you have any other Trakt playlists you want to add to our list? Comment below!


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Disclaimer: These Trakt playlists don’t host or store any content. They are simply listings of movies and TV shows.

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