Wrong dependency in The Magic Dragon v1.26

Last night I saw a dependency error when updating The Magic Dragon. It could not find the dependency plugin.video.youtube version 8.0.0 ?!
I downloaded the zip and changed the addon.xml by putting in plugin.video.youtube version = 6.3.1 (I think that is the latest) and that worked.

Just so you know….

4 Replies to “Wrong dependency in The Magic Dragon v1.26”

  1. I just tried installing Magic Dragon last night for the first time and was getting the same error. Thanks for posting the fix…QQ though…How do you change the xml file if you’re using a Fire TV? Is there an XML editor or something?

  2. I had the same error when trying to install from the supremacy repo, after that I used the maverick repo, updated from that location, voila, updated without a error.

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