Which pi model is best?

I want to create a Kodi box for movies/netflix for a friend, and I want to do it with a Raspberry Pi. So my question is, which model is the best choice? I am leaning towards trying out the new 4B model, but which RAM option would be the optimal (without being overkill)? Or should I just go with the 3B+ (I already have one running in a 3B+, it is laggy and I was thinking the 4B would be an improvement on this?)

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  1. its 20 bucks more for 4 gb. Just get that, and don’t worry about it. The 1 thing I can promise, is you’ll never look back and think “damn, I wish i had LESS ram”.

    That said, the 4b is only (so far) marginally supported by libreelec, and barely (i’m not sure if the recent update is actually compatible, or if it’ll be the next one) supported by retropie. The kodi portion works, and works well. I’m told snappier than the 3b at least with the extra ram, and the retropie, once properly worked out should be close, not quite up to, but CLOSE to a shield in terms of performance (again the 4gb model).

  2. I did read your post and do realize you really want to use rPi but if you want Netflix *and* Kodi *and* it’s for a friend I can’t recommend the fire tv stick more. It’s going to be on sale for USD$15 next week and it’d solve all your problems all at once.

  3. The 3B+ doesn’t have hardware x265 decoding so has to do it in software. Overclocking will get you smooth 1080p x265 if it’s low bitrate. High bitrate 1080p x265 will not be smooth.

    Hardware 4K decoding is not supported at all, so 4K is completely out of the question regardless of codec.

    Get a 4GB 4B and wait a little bit for the proper OSMC or LibreElec build.

  4. Obviously the one with the most ram is “best” but… there are some design flaws in it that will be corrected in later revisions. So the question is, do you want to buy it now and live with those issues, or wait for a revision that will fix the hardware issues? I think the biggest issue is the USB-C non compliance that will lead to it not working with certain chargers/cables.

  5. The 3B+ is an amazing little machine for headless jobs. It runs out of RAM quickly with a GUI. Get a 4B with 4GB and don’t look back. Put the 3B+ to work as a Pi-hole, file server, print server, smart home automation controller, or whatever.

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