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  1. No , the addon has to support looking up Meta data / posters / artwork / etc . and thats hard to do with lots of things nixtoons shows .

    What i do , is link directly to the toon shows my kid watch’s with superfavorites . all in one big super favorites folder , and then edit and link to local artwork i’ve downloaded . etc .

    i then point a widget to that super favorites .

    Only downside is it takes a bit to load when clicked , as its got to launch superfavorites >> then whatever you linked it to

  2. Because of the way the source website is structured, we can only know the thumb / plot of a show after going to its episode list.

    However, on the list of shows you can long-press / right-click on a show and choose “Show Information” on the context menu, this will go in and grab metadata for that show alone (doing such a thing automatically for all shows at once would be unthinkable, akin to a DDoS attack on them).

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