Hey so i know incursion repo went offline like over a month ago but i have been using this addon just fine untilll this morning the links dont show up at all anymore even tho they were last night. Any ideas? New repo? Anything?

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  1. Your post appears to refer to incursion, which is known to be either abandoned, outdated, or unsupported. We recommend you update to a more current, supported add-on.

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  2. So I just tried the website that it scrapes and noticed there is now a captcha to start the links. Most likely why it isn’t working now.

  3. Hopefully someone can release a fix

    That add-on is usually my go to for classic animated shows like Batman TAS, X-Men TAS and Spiderman TAS

  4. Same thing happened to me watchnixtoons was the shit every stream would play in like half a sec after clicking on it and almost no lag

  5. I was coming to post almost this exact thing. My kids love that add-on and nix is busy with seren at this point but if anybody has a workaround or a fix for it that would be fantastic.

  6. Hi all, I am having a look at the website now but since it is a Google powered Captcha I doubt I can do anything with the plugin. I “fixed” the plugin before the developer of Watchnixtoons did a proper fix and release.


    Also, Australia has applied a national block on it SO PLEASE USE A VPN.


    Edit: After the captcha the links aren’t obfuscated so it will be easy to scrape but its the Captcha that is the issue.

  7. Is there any other addon just as good as watchnixtoons? One that’s fast and reliable like this one. I have cypher 9 anime but it just cant compare

  8. ~~Hi all, as I have said in comment replies, I have an idea on how to “fix” the add-on. I have talked to the developer (technically he only fixed Dandy’s add-on) and we have discussed an option (since he has dropped support for the add-on).~~

    ~~The option is something I have not touched in python before so it may take a bit of time to do but it’ll be possible.~~

    ~~What I’ll need to do is detect if the Captcha is on the page. If it’s there, start a small web-server so the user can access it with their phone so they can solve the Captcha. It’ll then use that cookie to parse the website.~~

    ~~The cookie will eventually expire but hopefully it won’t be every time you close the add-on.~~

    ~~I’ll be home in roughly 4 hours so I’ll have a look and start researching/experimenting with solutions when I get home. If you have any questions, ideas or want to help out (if you have python skills) let me know 😀 every little bit will help.~~

    ~~Edit: can I get details on what is and isn’t working. Does search work? Image scraping? Etc etc.~~

    ~~If the whole thing is dead then I might as well try and start it from scratch.~~


    Edit, This may be far out of my skill level. Sorry Guys

  9. 1st time commenting. Hi guys I’m a a big anime fan especially as Watchnixtoons or even watchcartoonsonline load time and quality where awesome. My story yesterday was watching dubbed anime finished before 3:30ish P.M. at 8 wouldn’t load the quality and then error message. I hope this could be resolved as soon as possible as I’ve not cached up with fairy tail yet (fairy tail is freaking amazing). I’m not much on the technical side and would be grateful if you guys could tell me here when the addon is back to normal. Thaks

  10. Hey everyone just a heads up idk about any of your addons are working but somehow mine just randomly started working the watchnixtoons addon that is. Its really odd now sure what happened

  11. Just an update for anyone who continues to see this the addon is working. To whomever may have worked on a fix and whoever did fix it thank you. Also for yall that are watching anime im about to totally advertise myself im attempting to make a youtube channel if u need anime to wat h check out my 5 favorite

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