Venom – Movie Posters Missing in Search results

The movie posters are missing on the left of the results list, when I search for a movie. In place of the poster is fanart. Movie synopsis is there though. Have never had this problem with Exodus Redux or 13 Clowns. Is there some setting I’m missing or is this just a bug of the Venom addon?

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  1. I just cleared all db cache cross the board using AfterMath and searched for “A Star is Born”..idk why that freakin title came to Anyway all poster art was there for the 6 visible titles on screen without scrolling except for some “Justin Bieber: A Star is Born” title…lol. What title you searching for? year searches IMDb not TMDb as mentioned btw so either there’s a cache db issue or it’s a title issue where artwork is not available…like that Bieber title above I don’t get artwork for but if I hunt that tile down on IMDb or []( (your fallback artwork) prob has squat. Actually even when []( fails to return artwork it then checks availability on TMDb for fallback. So it’s got me curious enough I’m going to check those sites on that one twirp title…lol

  2. I stand corrected folks! I just tested this issue on my shield for the same “A Star is Born” title and only the 2018 remake had poster artwork. My pc version may have some code changes I’ve done but not pushed yet…I’m looking over my code now to see if I already fixed this and I’m just drawing a blank at the moment. Tracking it now.

  3. I think I see the issue. Looks like when I added the new option “Disable Extended artwork” I broke the search returning basic artwork. Oddly if you disable extended artwork is when it works and I had it disabled on pc so that’s why I was seeing the artwork and the shield did not, which the option is obviously working backwards for searches. I’ll fix this in next release!

  4. I just pushed an update to fix this…works great on two different devices now. Clear cache and check again let me know if it’s fixed for you…should be it’s jumped out at me when I saw my goof.

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