Streamable vs Openload

Which one streams better without buffering pauses?

Add your connection speed.

I have 6MB (the average for my third world country **😒** ) and even 720p is almost unwatchable with OL

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  1. You want to get real debrid that will give you 720p but no more with 6mb

    If you have a large drive (storage space) you can enable 0 cache so kodi will download entire stream whilst you are watching it

  2. 6**MB** or 6**Mb**?


    6 mega Bytes = 48 mega **B**its. And that should be more than enough for 1080p.


    Then again even if your ISP says it gives you 48 mb that’s not necessarily truth if their access to a backbone (do we still call it that?) is best effort and in fact you connect to the outside world at much slower speed. You should try a browser speed test to a server in the usa for example or germany in Europe.


    Find your true speed to the sources.


  3. If you stream torrents from either pm or Rd you will have better experience rather than the hosters links. I have 6 to 8mbps and watch 720 TV shows from my cloud pretty well (under 1gb file size)

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