Some Trakt Lists to Follow (Reccomends and Suggestions

So there’s users on Trakt creating all sorts of lists that might be of interest to people.

One I like is ACLO, breaks everything down by channel / studio for TV, to follow a list just like it then it will be available in most addons to use as a widget or however you like.

I fully reccomend it but not sure of the actual update frequency right now.

I think. Most people follow Latest Releases form Gilad & Alex but they’ve a few more great lists (Best Cinematography as an example):

Any others?

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  1. to be honest, never understood the sense of u/giladg following list:

    -> It also has KORSUB release in it. for example currently “Aquaman”. And he often adds movies which are just available in low quality or hardcoded chinese subs to his “latest releases” list.
    if you are into Cam Releases or HDrip or KORSUB, then the list is maybe for you.

    Following list is much better curated. he just adds Movies to this “latest releases” list which are available in 1080p WEB-DL or BluRay

  2. I have a good collection of trakt user lists in my bearded bandits addon you can snag.

    Scrubs is all imdb and tmdb lists if you like them too.

  3. not sure how to get hold of ACLO_Networks people/person but would love to see a

    ## TV Shows ➛ Science Channel List

    all the one i’ve found are lacking in current tv shows.



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