Seren unable to search same show next day

Have any of you ever come across with Seren where you are searching for the same show, but the next day it doesn’t come up with any results?

For example if I search for a TV show I am watching, it was able to find before but then the next day it doesn’t find anything.
It’s not a problem with the search itself since I can still search for other shows and they will show up, just that specific one.

How does the Seren search work anyhow and why would a search result not appear anymore? And how can I get the show to show up again in the search result?

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  1. I’ve not had that particular problem, but have you tried clearing the cache? If not then it might be worth a try. It’s under Tools in the Seren addon.

  2. So is your issue not finding sources , or simply just unable to search and show (aka before you can even scrape for sources ) (the directory listing )


    If your having issues clear cache in seren tools .


    but you shouldn’t constantly be having this issue . Tends to only happen if a meta provider is down , and only till the cache times out .


    The only other issue that could be happening is the settings reset bug . which only happens on heavly boged down devices running kodi 17 instead of kodi 18 . also make sure you clean exit kodi . it can get forced closed if you just leave it running in background causing issues ESPECIALLY in 17


    Also if you keep having this issue , provide a FULL debug log and we can double check things

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