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Seren is quickly becoming my new favorite addon but I have one question. Last night I did a search for Venom sources and it came up with some HD cam torrents so I skipped them. Today, it looks like there is a new Webrip 1080p torrent up on a few sites.

Now, when I go to try to find that on Seren it still brings up last night’s results and does not try to search again.

Is there any way to force it to search for results again?

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  1. Seren holds the scrape information for an hour.

    This is to minimise scraping done by users and the information is also used for pre-emptive scraping.

    I’m going to re-work that cache in a different way so that the scrape info can be cleared per episode/movie from the context menu but until then, if you really must re-scrape within the hour, you can clear your cache and try again.

  2. Im having a similar related bug, well related in that the solution is clearing the cache to do a fresh scrape.


    for some reason using a locally cached file is breaking soft subtitles.


    ive been binging the money heist which has soft coded english subs (its spanish). If i let every thing roll using next up, every episode has the subs no problem at all.


    but, if i stop to take a break at the end of the episode and go back in and it offers the “locally cached” option, it recognises there should subtitles, you can even cycle through eng/esp, but nothing appears no matter how many times you enable or disable. have to clear the cache to go back and rescrap


    it looks like locally cached items for later playback are losing the subtitles files u/nixgates

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