4 Replies to “Seren – does not save account settings”

  1. This has been addressed a few times. I’m assuming by it occuring from a restart you have multiple widgets pointed towards Seren?

    To many threads are generated at once and it causes Kodi to drop the settings for the addon.

    He’s meant to be dropping 0.1.27 very soon according to some threads that should help do away with this an a few other issues but by the sounds of it he’s fairly busy with life.

    You can do one of two things to avoid the issue, leave Kodi running and Seren will gracefully take care of the settings that cause this issue or, take away big lists from your widgets like next up or big trakt show lists

  2. I was getting the same thing, kept thinking there was a save option I was missing. I’ll give it a reinstall and see if that fixes it.

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