Seren + cvitas scrapers? Is this a possibility?

I’m no coder so maybe I’m talking out of my arse but I’ve had a bit of a poke around in the civitas scrapers folder and it doesn’t look all that different from the lambda scrapers folder.

Is there a way to use the civitas scrapers in other addons, in particular with seren?

How difficult would it be to ‘port’ them over for use in seren?

13 clowns has done some great work on those scrapers and I’m getting much better results with his addon than I am with Lscrapers.

Be nice to be able to use the scrapers module with seren too

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  1. “Civitas scrapers will be converted and permission is already given . in time . waiting on things to settle and some other bugs to be worked out before converting . as of now Seren’s support for hosters is really not great. The whole addon was made with RELIABLE torrent cached links in mind . and most of its functions really dont’ work well when hosters fail / links are dead .

    I’d strongly recommend Doing as i do and lots of others and thats only use torrents with Seren and keep 13 clowns as a backup / and or for hosters.”

    posted by u/SerpentDrago yesterday to another OP asking the same question.

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