Seren A4k Scrapers

Ok so who do i speak toabout these scrapers?


Living in the UK 2 of these scrapers (the better ones) are blocked, however there new official domains are not i have tried to just change the base url in providers package but i really have no idea what im doing lol


Please someone help

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  1. u/reddit_reaper can update the new URLs

    Those two are also blocked for me in the UK.

    be nice if the new adresses can be used. Using a VPN is not worth it to just get these two unblocked. The others work fine.

  2. It would be nice to be able to change scraped sites addresses. Gaia allow for this and what I usually do is put in proxy address and everything work there, shame that seren doesn’t allow for it. VPN on my box is working very slow, pc is much faster but I hardly ever watch something on a PC

  3. Never noticed my Seren doing this (I live in the UK).
    Can you advise me how to check if any are being blocked?
    This would help me out massively!

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  4. tpb2019 (dot) site

    x1337x (dot) se

    Both are official domains and work perfect

    Also note that the blocked sites work on my 4g network

  5. be helpful if you include the sites blocked in your post .

    and a new torrent scraper pack is in the works , but its pretty easy to just change the url used in userdata/seren / etc etc

  6. In Australia, almost all the scrapers are probably blocked at the DNS level. I’m using Google DNS to unblock the scrapers and everything work fine.

  7. I think you have missunderstood what I’m saying, seren is just for people who use debrid services

    It scrapes torrents from the likes of katcr etc and checks the debrid services for cached files, 2 of the scrapers are blocked for me but the other official domains I have are not.

    Rlsbb etc whilst they are great the quality does not compare to torrents, and as a very long time kodi user, you start to get annoyed with poor quality file hosters.

    Seren is probably the best addon to hit the scene within Kodi, gaia was originally my best, but it’s taking forever to be updated for kodi 18 and if you do the whole migration thing its bloody slow.

    So to sum up I just want 1337x and the pirate bay not yo be blocked

    And dont get me started on VPN “You must have a VPN to stay safe within kodi” (What a load of crap)!!!

  8. Can you please , and anyone else insure that this works , I’d rather not use official site as that will just get blocked again >

    And give me a alt for the other site , thanks .

    Your welcome to change the self.base_link in scraper file here , then clear cache in seren and local torrent cache

  9. just use a debrid service, I’m also in the uk and never fail to get links from RLSBB and DirectDL


    if that fails just get a vpn

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