Requests & Basics – July 2019

Users new to the world of Kodi can build a foundation of knowledge and develop their understanding by checking out [the /r/Addons4Kodi wiki]( This knowledge base includes basic information all users should know as well as a dedicated FAQ section to help with instant answers to the most common questions. Included as part of this wiki is an [extensive F.A.Q]( covers many of the most common topics raised in the sub.

In addition to the information held in the wiki, users are invited and encouraged to post and discuss their streaming add-ons suggestions to keep up with the ever-changing Kodi add-ons landscape. Further to add-on recommendations, it’s tough to keep up with the best options as add-ons are frequently being created, updated or discontinued; to assist with this, users can request content sources here and have recommendations provided.


Here are some general guidelines for posting a recommendation:

* Only identify one add-on recommendation or one content request per comment.
* Before commenting an add-on recommendation or content request, see if it has already been mentioned.
* If it has and you want to add some information, reply to the comment identifying the recommendation/request.
* If an add-on has not been suggested yet, comment and includes a description of what content the add-on provides.
* As far as what is expect of you here when you recommend something, please at least explain what the add-on is, the major notable features, and why you recommend it for others.

12 Replies to “Requests & Basics – July 2019”

  1. Volume Amplification Set to 30.0db (50%)

    Apologies if this is covered somewhere else (or if this isn’t what the requests is intended for) however having VA set to 30db improves voices making it easier/clearer to hear. It’s a fantastic feature on Kodi however normally after setting it to 30.0db it will remember the setting and you won’t need to set it again. Quite often after updates it seems to mess around with the setting with you having to set it for everything you watch. I’ve only been able to access this setting by pausing content and selecting settings from the menu bar, audio settings.


    Admittedly it’s hardly the end of the world however for me it’s a must have function and having it remember would be a help.

  2. Is there any better way to get movies / TV series on a firestick? Currently I use downloader to get Kodi onto the firestick then add the lvvtv repo to then add exodus to Kodi but sometimes the quality and performance can be weak. Is there a better way of doing this that’ll provide a better experience? or using something other than exodus?

  3. Is there any add-on for french or italian movies? Ik i can add torrents from french websites and what not but its kind of a hassle. Ik about v stream but i rarely get high quality streams for movies and it does not use real-debird.

  4. Dumb noob question about Seren.

    Is this a torrent only add-on or does it scrape regular hosting sites?

    I want to make sure if I use it that I am not torrenting. I thought I disabled torrent hosters in the settings, but I am not sure if that is all I have to do.

    When I tested it out and selected a movie, I noticed that it automatically started playing without me having to choose a host from a list like other add-ons and I wasn’t sure if it was just playing from a torrent or not.


  5. Can anyone recommend a skin specifically for Firestick?

    Titan bingie is working fine on Win10 and FireTV (4k) but I think it is slowing down my firestick (I click on something and there is a delay or crash, sometimes I click the movie I want to watch and am waiting 5-10 seconds before the scraper menu comes up).

    Would AuraMod be suitable?

  6. I love open meta and open info. Is there anyway you can add the player for the new Kodi add-on the crew? Thanks in advance.

  7. I use Gaia with RealDebrid premium, after finding sources I only get torrents (cached or not), I never get hosters or usenet.
    Why is this, and how can I get them?

  8. **Best way to use my Fire TV Stick for German content? Any payed-builds?**

    I’m sorry if this was already stated elsewhere, but I couldnt find any useful information for German usage.

    When I started reading about using Kodi on the Fire TV Stick I was hyped because I thought you could basically use it like a normal TV receiver.

    Turns out, all the builds I tried are very weird to navigate and use mostly US content.

    Is there any good source for German content? Maybe even Live TV such as the complete Sky package? I would be willing to spend a few bucks monthly too if that helps.


  9. I am using Seren with Real Debrid.

    During scraping, sometimes it finds 100s of torrents but only one or two cached torrents, and those are not good quality.

    I would have loved to see the complete list of torrents found and force Seren to cache the one I select.

    Is it at all possible? If Seren is finding 100s of torrents, why is it not showing them in the results?

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