recurring Gaia problem

Hi guys. running latest gaia in a raspberry pi 3 running osmc (not Leia).

For a day now, i am stuck with this problem.

i watch a movie or a tv series episode. all is fine. but when i want to watch something else after that, gaia cannot find any links. it starts to search, searches for 2-10 seconds, finds nothing and that is that, unless i restart kodi. then all is fine for one single thing i watch. then problem reappears and have to restart kodi again.

just reread sticky. i unticked civitas scrapers, installed yoda scrapers, did everything buy the book, same problem. first thing i watch is fine, then i need restart.

this doesnt happen in other addons like placenta…

any ideas or help? cheers

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  1. Your post appears to refer to placenta, which is known to be either abandoned, outdated, or unsupported. We recommend you update to a more current, supported add-on.

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  2. First things first, Gaia does not run well on low powered devices. Second you might want to try Leia, third gonna need a log

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