Realizer Widget selection booting me out of kodi.

I keep getting booted out of kodi when I select a widget.

I have this widget setup so it scrapes my realizer cloud where I have the file already in RD.

My path is
Addon>Video add on > realizer >lists>movies >movie lists > my movie list
Kodi 18.2 on a Shield

Sometimes it boots me at the menu selection for download or torrent(just after it scrapes my cloud) , most of the time it boots me when I click one of those options. And it doesn’t just happen on one movie, multiple.

I’ve yet to be booted when I go into realizer add on and open the list that way.

I tried both Auramod & titan bingie Mod thinking it might be a skin issue, happened on both. I also tried on other machine.

Not sure if this info is of use
Skin helper service 1.1.32
Skin helper widget 1.1.1

Thx for any help that someone can provide

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  1. If Kodi boots you out it usually means two things: 1 – ran out of memory and crash, 2 – there is a bug in some of the modules running . It’s happening more frequently in kodi 18 than any other release. Try clearing Kodi cache and see if you got the same results. Also it is never a good practice to have widgets with lots of items, I suspect your list might be too big for the skin widget to handle properly? I don’t use those “mod” skins you are referring too, I advise you to try official skins as they will be less prone to issues.

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