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  1. Probably the best ones are the trakt progress and watchlist etc. So I have a trakt progress widget which then scrapes my cloud for the content (using premiumizer addon though). Better than just having a list of file names, you get the show artwork and info etc

  2. Imd id so you can see your lists on imdb, tmdb api if you want to use your api instead of the addon default (in case it goes down or deleted), trakt to show your progress, list and sync with it. If you use the addon just to browse your cloud folder there is no need for those but your watched status will not be synced with trakt.
    A better way is to use your lists or trakt progress/lists etc in conjuntion to some automated rss feed for autodownload stuff in real debrid or stuff you manually added to realdebrid but want to track its watching status.
    This way you will have your favourite stuff always up to watch and to the last episode and it will also sync its watched status with trakt, useful if you use other addons as well. To sync stuff you need item metadata (poster, plot etc), which is not available from just the cloud browser

  3. So Realizer has trakt so you can access trakt lists apparently. But why? Isnt the point of Realizer to play what I add to RD later? So when I try and play anything in the list of course it says No stream available using cached cloud list which makes sense but again why have trakt lists if 99% of the time you wont have the media in your cloud?

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