Real debrid – is it worth it?

I have never paid for anything on Kodi. I usually find working streams for the shows and movies I like. The shows my wife likes is a different story. Millionaire Matchmaker, The Kardashian shows etc is what she likes and there are not many working links to such showson 13 clowns or Exodus redux (the 2 latest add ons I have been using) would Rd get me access to obscure shows like those? Thanks for any input, sorry for the noon question.

EDIT: I see I’m getting downvoted for saying that I don’t need Rd for my regular use, I can’t understand why anyone would downvote that being as I clearly stated that in the post. I’m looking into a premium service ONLY for better streams of Kardashian shows and other girly shows. So please read the whole post before just saying “yes it’s awesome” or anything like that. Thank you to the people who tried recommending ways to find such shows, your help is appreciated.

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  1. It’s not guaranteed that you’d have access to more obscure or older shows, but, with RD you’d have a lot better chance of getting them. It’s 100% worth trying for a month. It’s not expensive. There’s lots of non-HD links too, so it’d work for your slower internet speeds.

  2. My wife watches 90 day fiancee. It’s on there with RD. Also once you go RD you won’t go back trust me. The $16 bucks for 6 months is like having a Tivo of all your shows. Pair it with Trakt and your laughing.

  3. You could also try Premiumize by asking one of the r/premiumize mods (cody something?) for a 3 day trial code and see by yourself. I had both RD and PM at the same time and I always ended up picking PM because of 1080p cached torrents. Not sure how would it work on those shows you’re looking for though.

    Also try the Gaia plugin.

  4. hint, hint – for obscure and/or older shows try searching the open directories for what your wanting to watch especially for tv series.

  5. I reluctantly signed up a few hours ago. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to link it up with 13clowns (I was inadvertantly trying to link with all-debrid and not real-debrid). Works great now!

    I realize that this is a pretty short evaluation period, but I actually re-enabled autoplay because I was getting a couple RD links for every search and they simply work. Two thumbs up from me so far!

  6. Another thing nobody is mentioning is that if you get RD, you don’t need to use a VPN anymore. You connect directly to Real Debrid’s servers. This means if you don’t use a VPN for anything else you could cancel it, though I keep mine for general use. It also means no connection overheads from running behind a VPN.


    I find RD excellent value, extremely good at finding sources, and most importantly extremely fast. This is particularly noticeable when using things like the seek bar, as you can skip around files as if you were hosting them locally, zero buffering time (as long as you have good internet).


    For me the combination of Real Debrid, Aura (skin), Seren (addon), Up Next (addon), Trakt and AllCast has finally created a Netflix-like, cross-device experience. I have Netflix too, and Amazon Prime, but so many shows are missing and these make the same quality experience now achievable across mobile, desktop and casting to TV.

  7. RD is not 100% reliable but for sure it gives me more sources with HD quality. I subscribed 2 years ago and I just kept on renewing my sub, plus I love the fact that I can play torrent / cache torrent links without the need of VPN.

  8. I have been using Kodi for over 2 years without it. Usually with Exodus, Covenant, whatever repo was popular at the time.

    I began experiencing lots of buffering the last couple months, after doing the minimum real debrid account for 15 days i was sold.

  9. I hate paying for entertainment and used Kodi for years for free content. Subscribed to RD about 3 months ago to test it out. I’ll definitely renew when my subscription is up – Kodi is simply so much better with it. $3/month? That’s a slice of pizza.

  10. It’s not great… but it’s *really* cheap. It is well worth the price you pay. I’d gladly pay double if they increased the streams or improved speeds, etc…

  11. For the last year or so, for me kodi is unusable without real debrid or similar.

    Supply and demand, lots of people out there accessing the free streams

  12. Yes. I pay for 6 months at a time. Started off with just 30 days, then bought 3 months, and after that expired just bought the 6 month. I rarely use any other addon other than Seren. It’s quick and easy to use. I have yoda and magic dragon as backups. For the most part they are unnecessary.

  13. The $3 and change a month takes away almost all of the hassle of finding good quality links even on less popular shows. I just bought my second year.

  14. PM and RD are a lot cheaper than having to buy 3 or 4 streaming services to get a good selection, that’s the way I think of it. I used the link premiumizer on pc for games and software all the time as well, totally worth it.

  15. I’ve been unable to stream TV shows using seren+debrid the past week. Tried with and without vpn but all TV streams are too slow.

  16. I got a one month Real Debrid membership to use with Exodus and it hasn’t made a difference for me. Waste of money so far.

  17. It’s not that Kodi is so amazing with Real-Debrid. It’s that it sucks so bad without it. I would consider real-debrid necessary because it makes Kodi actually usable.

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