Question before nuking and reinstalling Kodi?

Ok I’m still caught up in the crypto mining issue.

Sorry for being a pest as i already made a similar post about it

but I didn’t get a definite answer about the extra question of reinstalling, so making a new post here (sorry!)

Anyways similar to previous post if I reinstall with the new guidance does this ultimately prevent that ‘bad Python’ cyroto file from being installed again.

The reason I ask this is because currently when I try to update Gaia (and some other add-ons) to the latest version from the magicality/wilson repo, I get a failed to install/update error message because the ‘bad’ crypto file “script module python requests” is missing This is confusing why would ‘legit’ add-ons actually be asking for script module python requests and refusing to update it because of its absence?

I don’t want to go through the hassle of reinstalling Kodi to find out that I need to install that bad scriptmodulepythonrequests file… Is this happening because I was infected before and removed it manually?
Can anybody confirm who has reinstalled and followed the new guidance that the bad file doesn’t get installed again and isn’t requested by the legit add-ons? Many thanks

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  1. It’s because those addons depend on simplejson and you’ve got the malicious one installed and the malicious one requires script.module.python.requests.

    Go to System/Addons/Manage dependencies, scroll to simplejson and update it to 3.4.0 and you should be able to fix this.

    3.4.1 is malicious and it makes any addon that depends on simplejson have a dependency on script.module.python.requests by extension.

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