PSA: “Source too slow” error doesn’t always mean RD/PM is too slow. It can be your connection or VPN too.

I was having issues with “Source too slow” errors when playing massive 60gb+ 4k movies so I searched on this and found many people saying that it’s the debrid service that’s being too slow.

However I found out that it only happens when I’m on my VPN (140mbps~). When I turn it off I get 500mbps+ and movies never ever buffer, even 80gb ones.

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  1. Pretty sure there’s no way RD can play a 80 GB 4K movie confidently. I have a 200+mbps connection and can barely do anything over 40 that isn’t cached.

  2. It is often overlooked that there is a lot of Internet infrastructure – routers, switches, etc – between home devices such as Kodi boxes and the RD or PM servers. This infrastructure can get overloaded, especially at peak times. “Source too slow” is rarely caused by the server therefore, but a transient bottleneck somewhere out there on the Internet.

  3. Well, not always, but something is probably wrong this time. I ve been having issues for a few days now, and troubleshooting seems to point to RealDebrid’s network.

    I used two different installations (coreelec+libreelec, both latest) on two separate TV boxes (one with vpn connected, one without), with two addons on both (exodus and seren), and RD sources seem rather slow (buffering after less than a minute of playback). I had to become thorough to be honest, as I initially thought my wifi was the problem. However, free streams play just fine, and all run on a 50mbps connection. Also, the issue apparently is not filehost related, as it happens with cached torrents as well.

    Please note, I am not trying to start a flame here, I am extremely happy with their service for almost 3yrs now (coming from alldebrid), but something is wrong this time.

    I ll open a ticket tomorrow morning and update this post accordingly, although I am sure they are aware of it by now (which kinda worries me tbh).

  4. I just got a firestick and have a 230mbps internet connection. My ISP clearly throttles firestick at 55Mbps but I can still watch any 4K movie I’ve found with the right player as long as it’s cached so I’d definitely agree real debrid is probably hardly ever the problem, they are amazing!

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