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I have a RD subscription which I like, but I heard a lot of good things about PM, so I started looking into it. I think PM would be a good thing if not for the points. I have a RD account for the 4 people in the house. PM has a points system which limits to 1000gb of streaming per month. We would go over this very quickly.

So, how much does the points really matter and is there a way to get the points back?

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  1. I use PM religiously, and I don’t think that I’ve ever used more than 25% of my fair use points. Usually, a lot less than that. I’d be surprised if you really had a problem.

  2. For standard use, it’s great. You can use 33GB daily before hitting the limit, so you can’t watch a 50GB 4K movie everyday. Some of the hoster multipliers are harsh, so it’s best to generally stick to torrents. I average 30% usage myself. I’m contemplating getting an RD sub too, to get access to more hosters and add redundancy.

  3. you’re thinking in terms of hosters. using cached torrents would never get you over that amount also its on a 30day cycle so what you did 30 days ago gets removed. also i use it in 5 different homes, no issues 😉 ive literally never hit cap in 2 years

  4. Seriously I say this a lot but premiumize is shitebad customer service, expensive, features you will never use, identical to real debrid, nzb retention very poor and don’t get me started on the crappy points thing

    You want real debrid and if you want more you want easynews and thier add-on or Gaia

    Both are unlimited but premiumize is limited and features you just won’t use but if you did then all your points get eaten up

    It’s also bloody expensive

    €16 half yearly real debrid
    $4.99 a month unlimited easynews with web

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