4 Replies to “Post pics of your Kodi homepage and tell us what skin you’re using!”

  1. * Kodi 18.3
    * Auramod – 0.9.32 – (with some in development mods) AuraHome with vertical menu, Netflix info and library views
    * Seren – 1.4.6 using custom xml theme for scrape /source select (will be released soon )
    * venom as backup
    * All widgets Point to a section in seren or a trakt list liked in seren
    * movies spotlight is pointed to seren trakt list > https://trakt.tv/users/giladg/lists/latest-4k-releases?sort=added,asc
    * shows spotlight > seren > discover tv shows > trending

    Main Video From click of kodi to playing movie etc.etc. – https://youtu.be/aZ4VYRDflK8

    Skin settings – https://youtu.be/1nxGoCOfF8g

    This is on a PC (8700k 5ghz all core with a nvme samsung 970 evo plus) , with a prior load , so most things are cached !

    Load times from starting of kodi till (2nd,3rd,4th,etc loads) EVERY widget is fully loaded. First time loading after a cache clear will take MUCH longer ! this is just kodi with widgets at this time , not much can be done. I have seren page limit at 15 . I also have a 15 second intro video that helps hide some of the load time (pro tip , widgets will load in background while intro video plays )

    PC = 18 seconds
    Shield = 55 seconds

    Note , still some bugs to work out , a few tmdb helper errors , the seren search bug when you back out of a new search , etc etc . but all mostly functional . WIP ;0

    Also some features not shown , like if your in netflix show case view while browsing in a addon , you can press down arrow to start trailer playback , up to stop , down to go full screen , Full openmeta / openinfo on any and all context menus , etc etc

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