Planet MMA calling it quits?

I can understand that Detective Kodi had alot on his plate with the MMA world expanding and taking over! I know it must be a ton of work keeping up with all the different matches in so many different organizations and disciplines! But I am already freaking out about the incredible loss of this addon and the service provided! ANYONE have any alternative that has the type of service PLANET MMA has provided? Please let me know ASAP! I am already having withdrawal knowing this is the last UFC event streamed thru this service.

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  1. This post appears to be a sports content request. In general, the most reliable way to watch sports on Kodi is through a paid IPTV service, which you should inquire about at /r/IPTV.

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  2. For anyone looking, Deceit seems to be the place to go for now. They have a full section of replays dating back to UFC 1.
    DK likely gave them his xmls from PMMA because 2 days ago, a lot of those links didn’t work but this morning, every single one I tried (about 15 random events) worked instantly. They also had 242 up very quickly.
    Same repo as PMMA.

  3. I got an iptv service for the fights. It’s costing me 15 bucks a month but I consider it worth it to have a reliable stream when I need it

  4. Hey, I’m using One Nations Slamious build, there’s a few add ons to watch UFC/MMA on there. One being ‘Deceit Sports’ you should try finding a repo for it. 👍

  5. Its not the end of the world i bet a new addon like this will pop up in no time. But have you checked out sites like this? And a really good NFL add on just came up that is in the man cave repo called Pigskin. I am sure something will pop up




  6. I’m in the same boat as you my friend. I don’t usually watch live as I’m in the uk, and use planet mma to watch events the following day. Luckily for me todays event isn’t at stupid o’clock in the morning so will watch sad that this may be my last event. Hopefully someone will take it over and relaunch it asap

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