OpenMeta Results Explanation?

I currently have these 4 addons installed that OpenMeta can use: Seren, Premiumizer, 13 Clowns, & Yoda. However, after I click on a Movie or TV Show to watch using OpenMeta, the results I see are as follows:

1) Search – Premiumizer (a4k),
2) Seren (Smart Play),
3) Direct – 13 Clowns (CDTV),
4) Direct – Seren (a4k),
5) Smart Play – Seren (a4k),
6) Seren,
7) Premiumizer,
8) Yoda,
9) 13 Clowns Video

So my (noob) question is… what makes the top five results that start with words like “Search” or “Direct” or “Smart Play… or end with “(a4k)” or “(Smart Play)” or “(CDTV)” different from the basic names of the addons that round out the bottom 4 results? If I wanted OpenMeta to use Premiumizer, which result would be the best to select? The one labeled “Search – Premiumizer (a4k)” or just the one labeled “Premiumizer”?

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help and clear this up for me :)!


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  1. I may be wrong but I think the search/direct is how the info is utilized by the add-on, either it will use the search function or it will go directly to scraping. The words in parenthesis probably stand for who wrote the player or where the player comes from.

    Either way you should choose whichever option works best for you. You can delete the other ones that you don’t want to use from the folder userdata – add-on data – plugin video openmeta – players.

  2. Well I can give the players what name I want when I create them..
    So Iam pretty sure you just have players from “ak4″ and the other is from cellerdoortv ” CDTV”

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