Nvidia shield – constantly crashing

Kodi constantly crashes on my Shield running 18.2 but not on any of my cheap china boxes or windows/mac. All have identical builds. Can’t figure out what’s causing it, Ill post a log if anyone has a sec to take a look?


Thx in advance


Log: [https://pastebin.com/YFVZMY34](https://pastebin.com/YFVZMY34)

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  1. The last time this was happening on my shield, I removed Kodi completely, rebooted, made sure my .kodi folder was also gone, re-installed Kodi and all addons. Everything was fixed and working as expected. NOTE a fresh install did nothing for me.

  2. Usually it’s an add-on that’s causing it. You have a lot of 3rd party add-ons installed, so I would uninstall them and go into the addons folder and delete any left over junk too.

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