[New Add-on] **KodzI**

Don’t know where to start, but here it goes…


[Kodzi](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mrkodz/mrkodz.github.io/master/Plugins/plugin.video.kodzi/icon.png) – An add-on created to help install Kodi Repositories and Add-ons. What makes Kodzi different, it attempts to install any add-on from any website URL, providing the zip is available on the website page and in a click-able form (is that even a word?). What I mean is, if you can click on the zip and it will download to your computer, then Kodzi can/will attempt to download and install it.



* Personal lists of Repositories & Add-ons
* Install plugins and/or scripts from most websites (obviously provided the conditions explained above are met)
* No need to enter any https:… just enter the website like you would in a browser
* gc (Github clone) support, explained abit below
* gt support, will be removed, but it essentially makes it easier to find zips on Github without entering the full url
* Addons4Kodi Monthly Recommendations add-ons Supported


# Peronal Lists

**The version you need for it to work is it plugin.video.kodzi-1.0.2 and higher**

To create your own personal lists, look at the following example:


That’s the structure required. So you can create any text file and follow that convention and upload it, for your lists to be displayed in Kodzi. The kodzi-title and kodzi-name are needed, and the structure must be the same. But everything in [“”] can be changed. Hope that is clear.

Now go into KodzI and select ‘Enter Lists Url’, when prompted enter the website above ([https://mrkodz.github.io/repo/Example.txt](https://mrkodz.github.io/repo/Example.txt)). Now you should see your lists.


# gc and gt Support:

Basically gc: (GithubClone) allows you to clone a Github directory (You must see the Green clone button on Github to use this). This is very complicated as you shouldn’t need to clone any git, but it’s there for the people that need it. I think it’s better explaining with example.

Example: Take opensubtitles ; [https://github.com/opensubtitles/service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles](https://github.com/opensubtitles/service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles)

You can clone it by typing in the Kodzi (‘Enter Website or Github Url…..’) the following

“gc:[opensubtitles/service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles](https://github.com/opensubtitles/service.subtitles.opensubtitles_by_opensubtitles) ”

Without the (“) . Kodzi will clone and install the subtitle add-on. (If you look carefully at the git, you can see there’s a zip you can download, so if you enter the whole url, Kodzi will also find the zip)


gt: (Github tree) allows you to find and install all the zips in the specific directory you are.

Example: [https://github.com/nixgates/nixgates/tree/master/packages/plugin.video.seren](https://github.com/nixgates/nixgates/tree/master/packages/plugin.video.seren) (Notice the ‘tree’ in URL)

The Kodzi Github Url for that is: “gt:nixgates/nixgates/packages/plugin.video.seren” (without the [“])


# Addons4Kodi Monthly Recommendations

Would you believe if I told you that I created this add-on last week specifically for the monthly recommendations?

The monthly recommendations on this sub is included, with some teething problems. Like missing add-ons (13clowns) and add-ons that won’t install (I think 3 add-ons, materani, realizer and something else). The reason for the missing 13 Clowns is simple, there was an edit by the OP that screwed it up (will try and fix it). The one’s not installing are due to the strict conditions I set on the add-on. It find’s the Heading and **First** link of the poster, you will notice all those not working have a first link to something other than their repo/add-on.


I guess that’s that then, ooh how could I forget:

You can install it by going into your :

* Kodi `Settings` and selecting `File Manager`
* Select `Add source`
* Choose `None` in the dialog that pop’s up
* Enter the following:



* Press `OK` and select the field below ‘Enter a name for this media source’ and type:



* Press `OK` to save the name, then `OK` again to add the file source
* Go back to the Kodi `Main screen` and select `Add-ons` from left.
* Select the `Browse` icon, the box looking icon.
* Choose `Install from zip file`
* `Find` **.mrkodz** and `select` it.
* Then `select plugin.video.kodzi` to install


**NOTE:** When you open the Add-on for the first time, a window will pop-up with my repository, TheKodz Repository, you can choose to install it or cancel (but then you won’t be able to use the add-on). With that being said,





8 Replies to “[New Add-on] **KodzI**”

  1. this sounds interesting. id love to see a vid tutorial as a visual aid to see it in action. nice to see new development 👍

  2. Awesome job just tried it out to download opensubtitles zip and it worked. Wish I had this a couple days ago I was downloading zip files for Aura skin and the additional skin helper took me a while to figure out that I had to download it instead of typing it on file manager. Looking forward to using this now.

  3. This looks nifty! I keep an updated Kodi ‘sources’ file which I copy paste into each new build of Kodi I setup. This makes navigating to and installing repos fairly easy. But I do like this as a quick basic setup for a new Kodi. To have the ability to ‘input’ some of my own preferred repos and therefore addons into this would be great.

    Or even the ability to input and then be able to ‘save’ would be great.

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