Need help with Trakt integration in Kodi and widget creation for “continue watching”…

Hey guys, I’m currently using the Aura Mod skin after getting fed up with all the bugs and crashes with Bingie (though to be honest, Aura Mod isn’t much better), and I’ve gotten everything working well for the most part but am having an issue with Trakt not keeping track of my progress in shows and movies when I watch them on Kodi. All my add-ons are authorized and set to sync progress with Trakt, and I even have the Trakt program add-on set to automatically sync on Kodi startup. When I go to my Trakt account on my PC and add something to “my collection,” it automatically shows up in my Kodi video library via open meta which is great, but I really want the in-progress function to work and then find a way to create a widget called “continue watching” to add to my homescreen. I’ve tried creating a widget using skin helper services add-on/mixed media/in-progress episodes and movies and it sort of works, but the list is very incomplete and when I click on “resume from save point …” it still just starts at the beginning. What am I doing wrong? If anyone can help I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

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