Kodi related issue on Firestick


I believe this is Kodi related. I looked all around etc, I’ll try to be brief.


I’m stuck at a Sign In screen with my Amazon Firestick 1st Generation (The bigger flat box one) after I unregistered the previous user. I powered the firestick down, unplugged, plugged it back in, it turns on and goes straight to a Sign in screen. I can’t ‘Press (Back Arrow) to go back.


The firestick was given to me by a family member & it had some bogus account info already preinstalled. I didn’t do anything with the jail breaking process, if there even was one. I only used the firestick for Kodi. Kodi was/is installed on the firestick. I just wanted to unregister the old bogus account and reregister my existing Amazon Prime account to see if there was any benefit to it. Now I”m stuck at this sign in screen. I tried signing in with my Amazon Prime login info, but for some reason it says…


“There was an error with your login ID and password combination. Please try again or check your phone or email for instructions.”


1st – The login info and password are correct. I’m 100% sure. I tested logging in on two other laptops in my home.

2nd – There’s nothing in my Email or the spam folder.

3rd – There’s nothing on my phone, no text, nothing.

4th – The extra security feature thing isn’t enabled in my Amazon settings so no special code needed.



My question is, does this sound like a familiar scenario to anyone familiar with how jail breaking then putting Kodi and Exodus works? I’m thinking I should have restored from factory settings when I had the option but since all I did was unregister the bogus account, I may have messed something up indefinitely. The firestick doesn’t go past that screen, it doesn’t even go ‘back’ so I can access other menu features like settings.


I looked into possibly just hard resetting it and starting from scratch, but I can’t find anything online about how to do that. I even plugged the firestick to my laptop through usb to usb but it doesn’t even detect the firestick. I was sure I’d be able to do something plugging it to the laptop. I’m at a loss. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, how’d you resolve it, if you did? Thank you for your time.
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For what it’s worth I realize that the problem seems to be strictly an Amazon fire stick issue. I was just ballparking that Kodi installation might have cause some kind of issue since the fire stick was not used for anything but Kodi.

Regardless the solution is that you are S.O.L. I did call up Amazon and they needed the serial number but would not give it to me. I know it’s so they can force you to buy a new one those greedy farts. Anyway I was able to extract the serial number then called them back but they told me I needed the previous registrars email address being residential billing address and full account holders name.

The solution is don’t throw away your box. Have your serial number on hand but also save the original person’s information because that person will have to be removed. I personally think it’s stupid but whatever makes them more money.

Thank you for your responses.

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  1. you cannot jailbreak fireOS. enabling unknown sources is a freely available setting on the device to sideload apps like Kodi. so, “jailbreaking” isnt the culprit of your issue.

    the error specifically states it’s a username and password issue. contact amazon.

  2. This is kind of fucked, I’ve never heard of any blocking by Amazon except in the case of lost or stolen fire devices being blacklisted

    Are you telling the whole story? What was so bogus about the old account?

  3. I had a stick that did this, and j got the same unfo from amazon.

    If it’s at the sign in screen then just keep trying to sign in, the servers go down in amazon often

    Try creating a brand new account on the internet using any fake email address once done enter those details into the amazon stick, and provided the internet is connected it will register, when it does go to settings then device then developer options and turn on apps from unknown sources and turn on adb debugging

    Kodi can be found by going to applications manage installed applications

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