IVUE TV guide not playing

Has anyone had there IVUE TV guide not play when selecting channels? I can bring up the stream when going through the addons themselves like maverick tv. But when I add the streams to favorites or subscribe to them and the add them to a channel selection, the stream never starts when selecting the channel through IVUE

Any clues on what I may be doing wrong?

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  1. I’ve been playing with this and the issue seems to be a setting in ivie called something like use alternate stream. Some streams need it set on, some don’t. Try going into settings and find this one, change it, and try the stream again. Bad thing is the setting is global, tv full screen guide allows you to change the setting per stream.

  2. You’re much better off learning to grab your own EPG data (it’s as easy as copy and pasting from one text file to another) and using IPTV Simple Client in Kodi 18 (assuming you’re on 18 now). Saves all the middle work of using a TV Guide add-on.

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