Is it possible to streamline OpenMeta Players list? + Quick question about Orion integration.

Hi all,

Trying to streamline my Kodi experience. A few people in my household use the Kodi box and aren’t too technologically minded. Two questions:

Firstly, is there a way to set default players for certain categories on OpenMeta? E.g. Seren for all TV Shows, Gaia for all movies etc.

Secondly, if the first is not possible, is there a way to remove some of the providers on the list? At the moment there’s four different options for Seren (smart search, not smart search, different versions of Seren etc.) and it would be easier to just remove the ones which I don’t need.

Also, on a side-note I’ve just integrated Orion with Seren. Is there a way to make Seren’s default action to search Orion for providers first and then cut off once a certain amount of links has been found? Just to make the whole process quicker.


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  1. Maybe a bit off topic, but if you use wako, in the next release you’ll be able to choose seren or Gaia directly so you could do want you want

  2. Firstly, at the moment there isn’t a way of setting a default player for openmeta.
    Secondly, the player files are in userdata/addon_data/ You can delete the ones you don’t want. You can also edit them to change the order they are displayed (the lower the number the higher on the list), and you can remove the horrible text colours that are used.
    Not sure about Orion with Seren, I haven’t seen the need to use it on Seren. What advantage are you getting over the normal source results.

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