Is addon ‘junk clearing’ necessary?

I’ve noticed a few addons boasting of having ‘cleanup tools’ lately, but the 2 I use (Seren and 13 Clowns) don’t have this explicitly, just cache cleaning options. Is this the same thing? I am using a limited-resources HTPC so if there is needless cache building up I would love to know where it is and how/whether to delete it. Seren has a few caches, can these be safely cleared?

That said I am aware that doing this too often will harm performance.

Anyone familiar with this matter?



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  1. I use Merlin Auto Cleaner to clean everything each time I start Kodi. I’ve had no issues, but can’t say whether this is essential or not… I was just advised to do this by others with more experience than my 3 years.

  2. Clearing packages at startup is a great idea but thumbnails and cache need to be a little more careful as clearing these means the addons have to reload them again, therefore having a negative impact on performance, I never clear cache but try and keep my thumbnails set to a certain amount, this way all addons have to is load the shit i haven’t seen therefore having the least impact on my performance

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