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Hey guys, so I’m moving in about a month. I’ll be living on my own for the first time without any roommates. I have two choices in the area.


50 down, or 100 down.

Is 50 down in general(I know there is more to it than just internet speed) good enough to stream 1080p content from Kodi? The 100 down is only 10$ more, but I’d like to save that money if it isn’t actually needed. I’m perfectly fine not streaming 4k.

We have 50 down now, but there is 4 people living here, so I’m not sure how to translate it to only one person. Currently we stream 720p mostly and sometimes have to resort to SD.

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  2. Spend the extra 10 bucks, you’ll be doing the other users in the house good and still have bandwidth for your streaming with room to spare.

    Just do it!

  3. I have 50 down and live with my sister, I can stream movies of up to ~25gb on kodi while she is watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, so I think you won’t have any problem going with 50

  4. 50 down is plenty for 1080p. I get between 20-40 depending on time of day and I just limit my 1080p streams to 15G and it’s fine. A consistent 50 Mbps should work for even bigger files.

  5. Get the 50 down , you should be fine as long as that 50 down is solid . save the 10 bucks and get a PM subscription with it instead . 🙂

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