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This may be a noob question, but here it goes. I have all my TV shows integrated into my library. The In Progress section is not keeping track of the shows I have watched. Is there a way for kodi to keep trakt of what you have watched and show you the next episode similat to Next Up on trakt? I would rather not use trakt because of the load time.

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  2. You could try skin helper widgets.

    That would at least keep track of what the next episode is. I haven’t figured out how to make any library related thing to show correctly in progress movies or episodes on Leia

  3. Are you completing a series or is it ongoing? For example if you complete something it won’t show in the progress section unless there’s another episode.

    Someone else might confirm however I’m not sure it’s Trakt that’ll be causing the loading times and it might be the addon your using. Bar the odd hiccup here and there (which is rare) my Trakt works pretty flawlessly.

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