How do I prevent sleep when a movie is paused on Kodi?

I’m using Kodi 17.6 on Firestick.

This is really annoying but I feel there is a simple solution but I can’t find anything.

When I pause a movie or tv show on kodi for like 30 seconds it goes to sleep mode and shows my screensaver. Then I have to rescrape the movie and go back into it. Can’t I just leave it paused forever and it won’t go to sleep or shows my screensaver?

Anyone experienced this?

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  1. Screensaver on your firestick should be usable and the kodi one should be disabled or set to dim. Pretty much anything besides dim makes your movie reset like you explained.

  2. even if you turn off amazon screensaver to “never” in settings, the device will default to sleep and boot you from any app launched. you can simply sideload an app like “stay alive” and prevent sleep mode until manually selected in settings.

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