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So I have an Nvidia shield. It is constantly buffering 4k content onbreal debrid no matter what. Trust me I have tried everything. It’s connected with speeds of 300 that I’m seeing. I have changed and tried everything till I tried things on my phone and firestick 4k and Kodi, real debrid, and TV zion and any souce that plays 4k real debrid works 100 percent on those devices. What I’m asking is is there anyone with the same issue as me is it just me? Is a fix available? I just want this to be fixed it’s a shame to have it work on devices that are much slower then it

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  2. Depends on real debrid server.. sometime slow sometime fast.. for better stability i suggest u can try premiumize.. but u can try adjust the advance setting for cache first

  3. If it’s working perfectly on a Firestick with RD then that suggests to me it’s not RD servers that’s the issue!

    I know people have said on here they’ve had issues with RD & 4K content however if the op is accessing the same content on a Firestick and it’s working then it’s unlikely it’s the servers. I assume the Shield has web browser? Login to the [Real-Debrid]( website, click on account (under your username) scroll down to account history & click on downloads history and you will see your viewing history. Select the 4K content by clicking on the camera icon and it’ll open up the RD player and click play. Unfortunately it’ll only point you towards if it’s Kodi or the Shield. Not conclusive though.

  4. I’m using debrid on a wired shield tv pro 400/40mpbs connection, no 4k buffering issues for me even when i skip like 30 mins on a 85GB blu Ray file.

    Even when turning on nordvpn still no issues at half the connection speed probably

    Maybe reboot every once in a while maybe that helps, or check router settings

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