Going back to Sources in Seren after stopping movie?

I swear I used to be able to do this. When I stop a movie in Seren or back out, like when I have a choppy feed, it will take me back to the movie listing instead of the just-scraped source list. This means I have to scrape again. Is there a setting to take me back to the lists of sources?

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  2. I haven’t found a setting to get me back to the sources automatically. Best I could do is highlight the movie/episode and hold the enter button on my remote to bring up the context menu. From there I have a Sources option to take me back without rescraping.

  3. Happens to me too….luckily the scraping process does not start over…..the sources are cached.

    Minor inconvenience for a superb (and free) add-on.

  4. If you use serens fancy source select , no you can not do this and its not currently possible , its really not a big deal seeing how seren is damn near instant showing of cached results within a frame time .

    you could always pick directory / list instead of fancy , and it should work the way other addons do . but you won’t get serens fancy source select

  5. Sorry for the hijack. Didn’t want to start another thread if this has been asked before. Running 17.6 with the latest version of Seren and I’m still having issues with Seren deleting my trakt and real debrid settings. Anyone still experiencing this?

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