Git Browser Update Pushed to Fix Critical Bugs

Those of you who have been [experiencing issues]( with our Git Browser since the release of Kodi Leia 18 will be pleased to hear that we have just pushed an update to fix several issues.

Thanks to the [hard work]( of eddillinger, users with 32-bit devices such as the Fire TV should no longer be experiencing issues extracting ZIP files. He also fixed an issue where some Batch Installer configurations were failing.

We would like to remind you that our content-neutral [Git Browser tool]( is the ideal way to download any and all Kodi addons, directly from their developers’ GitHub repositories.

Furthermore, those who are into “[Kodi builds](” should seriously consider using the much safer, optimal method of automated Kodi configuration offered by the Git Browser’s [Batch Installer functionality](

We apologize for any inconvenience anyone may have experienced due to these bugs. Thank you for continuing to support our platform!


4 Replies to “Git Browser Update Pushed to Fix Critical Bugs”

  1. Just to reiterate, the “batch installer” paradigm is **radically** different from builds… as they don’t contain any userdata, leaving the end user in the position of still having to set up any of the add-ons installed.

    Git Browser is cool, but I also tend to prefer KodzI, from the sticky 👍

  2. You aren’t fooling anyone, Adam.

    Just stop this nonsense now and find a new hobby that doesn’t involve lying about your personal achievements while scamming people out of their cash.

    Even more importantly, you should probably avoid informing the feds of everyone else involved in your next hobby. This is especially true if you want to make and keep any friends who share that hobby, because not doing so has made you completely unwelcome in the Kodi addon community.

    No one believes you anymore, Adam. FFS, please just go away.

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