Exodus 13C error – cant play anything

Hi all. On one of my android boxes I am getting this error:

ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : –>Python callback/script returned the following error<–
Error Type: <type ‘exceptions.ImportError’>
Error Contents: No module named civitasscrapers
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.exodus13c/exodus13c.py”, line 485, in <module>
from resources.lib.modules import sources
File “/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/addons/script.module.exodus13c/lib/resources/lib/modules/sources.py”, line 26, in <module>
import civitasscrapers
ImportError: No module named civitasscrapers

I can’t find the setting to change scraper. Anyone know how to fix this? I’m on the latest version which I believe is 0.0.15.

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  1. What repo are you using? Use 4.0.9

    Unistall civitas repo

    Lol I’m stupid. Hold on. I’ll fix. My fault. Sorry.

    Update pushed. 4.0.9 repo

  2. I had the same experience in a different addon. I’m no expert, but I uninstalled–closed kodi-opened and reinstalled addon re-applied accounts and settings. Worked fine, if this doesn’t work you could always delete database file…hope this helps

  3. By the error you’re getting, the issue is the civitas scrapers module and you don’t have it installed. It appears that for some reason 13Clowns got rid of the civitas scrapers module , the civitas scrapers repository is now empty and it’s not in the 13Clowns repository either. Hopefully it’s just a mistake and it’ll be brought back.

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