Downloading local copy of stream from 13clowns?

Hey guys, still getting the hang of putting together my own Kodi setup. Currently using 13clowns with RD sources and Trakt integration and loving it so far. I have a few movies that my young son watches very, very frequently. I was hoping to be able to download the streams to my Nvidia Shield locally so I’m not streaming the same movie over and over and slowing down my bandwidth for other things. I have gone into 13clowns settings and enabled downloads and set folders… but how do I actually get a source to download? When I use the context menu from a source there is no “download” option. Am I missing something completely? I’ve been Googling my ass off trying to figure this out, to no avail.


Update: was able to get it figured out. Had to make sure I had separate download folders set for Movies and TV Shows, and then I was able to get the Download option to come up on the sources menu. Once content completes downloading the Downloads folder showed up on the main 13Clowns menu. Thank you all for the help!

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  1. Well, in settings of 13 Clown, there’s a tab for download. Enable it, then select either movie, tv or both and set a download location path. It said it would enable download but I just tried it and I didn’t get a download option in the context menu either. I tried right after enabling it and when that didn’t work, I shut Kodi down and tried it again. Nothing. I went to My TV Shows, Episodes, waiting until my shows popped up. I checked before scraping and after scraping, didn’t get a download option.

    u/13clowns is this a bug or did I do something wrong.

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