Creating a wizard for friends and family

I’ve been trying to create a wizard to upload to dropbox, gdrive or []( so that I can easily set up friends/family kodi devices. I’ve been following SkyMashi tutorials but something isn’t right. I’m able to use my []( locally but not through the web host. Once the wizard is installed locally, opening it just says “Error”. I’m sure its something small that I’m overlooking but I’ve been at this for days and can’t figure it out. Any help is massively appreciated. I can forward the files to anyone willing to take a look. Reddit-Reaper…?? lmao

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  1. Disclaimer: I have 0 experience with this.

    In other languages, a program that works on the machine it was created on but not after deployment, it is often either a path error or file was not included in the distribution.

  2. I wanted to do this too. Couldn’t use Dropbox in the end, used to host my build and used Aftermath wizard to backup/restore the updates to my build. Works really well but not completely straightforward.

  3. I have used skymashi wizard tutorial as well and have subsequently moved on to aftermath wiz. I can assure you it is a path error. You can host the build in Dropbox but you will need to adjust the URL to read as 1 at the end to enable an auto download.

    The error I suspect you’re facing with your host is due to the lack of an access file. But as the first comment suggests you will only know for sure by posting a debug log.

  4. I had a wizard i copied and changed a bit to match my info for 17.6 ….. It does not seem to work with 18.1. It dls. And on extraction it fails ..

  5. Ok, so I switched back to Dropbox as the host and using the Aftermath Wizard. Plugin installs, wizard downloads the build and then about halfway through the install I get an error. Not sure what’s causing the error.

    It actually made it through the install the first time but all of the plugins were disabled so I tried again. Any ideas?

    Here’s the log: [](

    Once again, thanks!

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