Change default view type in Kodi? (Skin: arctic zephyr)

This might be a very stupid question, but i just can´t find the settings menu for my problem:

I really like the Kodi Skin “arctic zephyr”. Unfortunately the default view type in the submenus is “wide”. But i want it to be “Big Icons”.

So when you navigate into a submenu (e.g. of Seren or Gaia) you get default view type: “wide”. You can manually change it to my favorited “Big Icons” but:

1. it does not safe the view type for this specific submenu. Means if you navigate out, and navigate back into the same submenu the default view type “wide” is there again.
2. all other sub menues are still “wide” (e.g. tv shows etc)

Question: Where is the function, how to change globally the view type of submenus?

Thanks for help!

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  1. Some one else had the same problem. He was trying the manual changes in Kodi Leia but it wasn’t sticking. He mentioned that it worked on 17.6 Krypton. You didn’t mention which version of Kodi you were using. In Seren settings, got to General, scroll down to UI Settings and select Use Custom View IDs (Advanced). You’re now able to manually enter your own view id. I believe the view you want is 53. Enter that in the Movie View ID and hit ok. Now check and see if that worked. Here goes the view IDs for your skin.


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