Can my Google Drive scrape automatically info about movies and shows?

Hello, tried to search for this query but couldn’t find the answer anywhere.


As you can see below, I use both add-ons like Genesis and Google Drive to stream my movies & shows (I’m often on a plane, and having my local files in my Google Drive is very helpful in that sense).


In setting up Kodi on my Amazon Firestick, I just can’t seem to be able to have Kodi pull info from the web about movies and shows in my Google Drive (screenshot below where you can see the difference between for example Genesis and Google Drive). Is this something that I can set up to be done automatically? And if so, how?


Any help would be highly appreciated!


Screenshot: [](

Log: [](


P.S. I am using these guidelines for file naming: [](

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  1. Your post appears to refer to Genesis, which is known to be either abandoned, outdated, or unsupported. We recommend you update to a more current, supported add-on.

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  2. Do NOT use your Google drive for storage of copyrighted material that you yourself haven’t ripped. So, given current year, do not use Google drive for storage of copyrighted material at all because you are (statistically) not ripping your own material.

    Feel free to get a real-debrid or premiumizeme account and add whatever you want to your cache, but do NOT put obviously copyrighted materials into the hands of a data collection company such as Google.

    This isn’t even a close call. By definition, when you upload (or transfer from someone else’s Google drive) you are “making available” the copyrighted material. That is the legal theory that every DMCA notice, and *IAA lawsuit has been based on.

    For a *little* context, I’m the guy that says if you’re in the US download whatever you want, there have been, and will be no repercussions. But as far as uploading it to your online account? Do NOT do that.

  3. unless the google drive addon can do library integration, or supply meta data itself your going to be out of luck .

    Kodi can’t just pull up info on items provided by addons or a direct file source . its up to the addon to supply that info for the skin to then display.

    < What you should do to get the function you want >

    one thing you can do , is , if google drive addon makes a kodi filesource . you can then add that file source as a item to kodi’s library . kodi library then can scrape for info on the show / movie .

    So what i’d suggest is going into kodi settings / Library / add video source , and add your google drive as a library source that gets scanned . and set the content type and scraper used. then link to Library movies/shows with a widget 🙂

  4. Someone smarter than I might have a better answer, but your stuff might get flagged for ‘piracy’ or something if you try. I’ve seen albums I ripped (I own an actual physical copy) get flagged if I put them on Google Drive.

    I don’t even know if I’m right, this is just personal experience. YMMV and all that.

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