Buffering issue

Hi guys!! I have a very bad buffering issue when I use Kodi, I can’t even watch SD quality smoothly. But in YouTube, I can watch video in 1080p easy. Can someone somehow know the reasons. And I also use Real Debrid.
I think it because my ISP reduce the bandwidths when I use Kodi. Or my mi box 3 has some stability issue.
What is your opinion?

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  1. Dont get hung up with your ISP restricting bandwidth etc.

    First off who is your ISP
    Is their router dualband
    Have you installed a kodi build?
    What is your internet speed?

    Dont buy any VPN or anything answer these questions first

  2. I read all the posts. Your internet isn’t stable and how I understained you are sharing connecntion with someone. With conditions like that buffering is possible. I think you can’t do nothing about that ’till your internet connection become stable again.

  3. I’m having buffering issues with RD on 3 separate configurations at 3 different locations. In each instance I’ve found that the internet is working fine (via Speedtest.net / fast.com tests) and it seems that the slow speeds are only from RD.

    Here’s the thread I started about my problem: https://www.reddit.com/r/Addons4Kodi/comments/ahucu2/realdebrid_slow/?st=JRFMUQ0I&sh=cde58cfe

    It could be the same problem for you… I signed up for a month of premiumize.me and it’s been working perfect. I’m going to use PM for the month and see if RD sorts out the problem, then I’ll make the decision on whether to switch these three setups over to PM permanently or not.

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