Blank screen when playing 10bit h265 HEVC

– Amazon Fire TV Stick (gen 2)
– Kodi 18.1 Leia
– 1080p 10bit h265 HEVC

I’ve had a similar issue in the past when playback would stutter whilst playing h265 formats, which was fixed by adjusting the refresh rate settings in Kodi.

Now since using higher quality cached torrents, I see a lot more 10bit h265 formats. However, they don’t seem to play at all, and I just get a blank screen. I thought this was only an issue with older Kodi versions and that it would be fixed by Kodi Leia.

I can upload a debug log if needs be, but I‘m assuming my problem is just related to using an underpowered Fire TV Stick. If this is the case, I will just have to invest in a 4K Fire TV Stick, an Nvidia Shield, or even stick to playing non-10bit formats.

Anyone else had this issue? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I am not sure which one the gen 2 stick is but I know with my older fire stick and box they did not have the proper chip to play h265 files. They would do it but it was handled by the software to process the video. It did not work well and stuttered. I didn’t mess with the refresh rate but maybe that cut the video processing down enough for you to he able to play them without seeing much of a difference. Now the files are bigger and the software just cannot process it fast enough so you just get a blank screen? Once I updated to a newer device with the hardware to process the 265 video format it has been like butter. No problems. The site below compares and explains it pretty well. They are a great resource for firetv related stuff.

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