Backup add-on on Windows 10

Hey all. Thanks to the awesome folks on this sub, I finally have my addons in a place I am super happy with, so I decided to make a backup. This went fine saving to disk, but the Google Drive backup option (which I’d prefer) isn’t working.

I successfully created the API secret etc and it successfully authenticates, but the actual backup process fails. When I dug into the log, it appears to be caused by the backup addon trying to fetch from the standard Windows programme location. On Windows 10 Kodi runs as a Windows Store app, so the file location is completely different. For some reason this doesn’t cause any problems creating backups to the hard drive, but the script that tries to back up to Google Drive seems to fail on this.

More on the change to Kodi’s userdata file location [here]( It’s to do with the UWP app model.

Has anyone got a similar setup and managed to get it to work?


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  1. I advise against using the app verson of Kodi on Windows, as it has too many quirks due to apps being sandboxed on Windows. Instead, install the standard Windows executable from the Kodi website, you will eventually be happy you did. Another option for Windows is to install the Kodi executable in portable mode, then everything is contained to the Kodi install folder for stupid easy backups and maintenance.

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