Automatic subtitles (Sub Loader)

Hey folks,
I have been messing around with this addon.
I think it’s time for some public tests.
The Sub Loader is a fork from the well known Autosubs addon, that actually download subtitles automatically.
It currently only work with Kodi 18.0 or higher.
If you have the Autosubs addon installed, please disable it, it may cause some problems.
Let me know what you think about the addon.

Edit 10/06/2019:
Fixed instalation bug.
Fixed notifications bug.
Started Beta convergence.
Added default behavior selection.
Added auto donwload any subtitle if no match found.
Updated settings xml.
Updated strings po.
Release type detection improved.

For download and more details check out the link.

Hope you enjoy it.

15 Replies to “Automatic subtitles (Sub Loader)”

  1. Good work so far! Subs out of sync is a pet peeve of mine so I’m loving the idea of a better match being found automatically!


    Couple questions:


    Do the Kodi global subtitle settings matter at all?


    I *think* I have your service working w/ 13clowns, but to do so I had to turn subtitles off within 13clowns. Does this sound right?


    This works with the “opensubtitles by opensubtitles” plugin and not the one in the kodi repo, right?

  2. Cant for the life of me figure out how to put it on my firestick. Can someone assist me? Its more my lack of knowledge than anything else

  3. @denimnani you forgot to add some of your latest commits to the 0.0.9 release, so it can’t install.
    It just spits out an error with addons.xml.
    And as I can see </news> is one of the things missing

  4. Question, what’s wrong with Kodi’s built in autosub download options? I use them and they work flawlessly with addon (not the Kodi repo version)

  5. Get a popup as when I manually search for subs when use seren .. but not from my other addons.. will try another serie or episode, and see if it is the same

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