[Auramod] play movies directly from “movies” bar on startscreen

Hey guys,

Auramod skin has been installed recently.

Now when opening kodi, on the starting screen under “movies” it shows upcoming movies and under “tv shows” most popular tv shows with their corresponding posters.


However when clicking one of them, what appears is the information screen of the movie/show where it shows the cast etc.


Is there anyway to directly play the movie/show from the starting screen using one of the video addons (ExodusRedux and 13Clowns are installed)?


Thanks in advance!

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  1. Won’t be that helpful but I use aura. I had to set it up to do what I wanted. In the settings you can point widgets to different sections of addons. I set it so when I click movies it goes to the yoda movie search screen. My tv section shows a trakt list I made of all the shows I watch. Clicking on them will go to the episode selection in yoda.

    Search on this sub for how to set it up. That’s what did. Sorry I’m not of more help. Basically what you want to do is possible. Search on here for the guide on how to set it up.

  2. Auramod has widgets pointed to extended info by default . you can change these . But the extended info by default in kodi is half functional . you should install openinfo (its a extended info mod ) to get full functionality

    You should def install Openinfo / Openmeta and configure these . then you will find it works how you want also 🙂

    You can find install instructions in the Recommendations Sticky at the top of this subreddit

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